The Brain and Behaviour Toolkit for Primary and Secondary Schools

In the post pandemic classroom, most schools have noticed a significant increase in dysregulated behaviour in students. Often this requires behaviour management techniques which interrupt essential learning time in the classroom. The Brain and Behaviour Toolkit provides a comprehensive, evidenced based framework to understand, support and address these challenges in our students that effect learning and behaviour. This evidenced based training is the foundation of your work toward becoming a Trauma Smart Educator and building a Trauma Smart School. 

This is the first educator workshop in the Trauma Smart School series. Understand the why behaviour as you explore essential neuroscience, child development, trauma and toxic stress effects and the power of interpersonal neurobiology for the classroom. This is a 2 hour pre-recorded workshop PLUS practical learning activities and reflection exercises. The workshop also includes downloadable slides for you to use as you follow along, and a ready-to-use printables section.

Presented by Australian Education Awards Teacher of the Year (2019), and behaviour support expert, Tony Vallance and clinical play therapist, child and family specialist and consultant, Sian Chambers-Vallance.

What is this workshop about?

Meet us, Sian and Tony, your workshop instructors. We are the proud founders of Building Better Brains Australia, committed to supporting parents, teachers and mental health professionals using evidence based strategies to help build better brains for the generation in our care.

What will you learn from this workshop?

  • Understand the function of behaviour
  • Explore what stress responses look like in your classroom
  • Understand the development and essential needs of the brain
  • Examine the power of interpersonal neurobiology to calm a room and how our nervous systems coregulate our students
  • Learn why connection before correction is the best approach for engaging whole brain learning, and boosting academic outcomes

Who is this workshop for?

  • Educators who are looking to understand more about brain and behaviour.
  • Educators who want to learn evidence-based tools and techniques to aid regulation and stress behaviours in students
  • Educators who want a specific snippet of the whole Trauma Smart Schools Training Program.

What does this workshop include?

  • A 2-hour pre-recorded workshop.
  • Printable templates ready for classroom use.
  • Lots of practical activities and reflection tasks to support your learning.
  • Downloadable and printable slides for you to use as you follow along.

Join the workshop for only $127 per person

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See What Others Have to Say About Our Workshops

“Thank you Tony & Sian! We found that session very helpful and practical and we feel encouraged to incorporate some of these strategies. Excellent articulation of information and the sharing of real life experiences is always powerful.”

“Thank you, loved this session so much. You have given some enormously powerful information and knowledge to take away. You are such a great power team, well done and thank you for sharing.

"Training was fantastic. Very inspiring. I am looking forward to watching the impact of these groups on class dynamics and teacher student relationships.”

Meet Your Instructors

You will be learning from award-winning duo Sian Chambers-Vallance and Tony Vallance, who are both bringing over 25 years of professional and personal experience as leading experts in their field and as parents.
Sian Chambers-Vallance

Clinical Play Therapist, Creative Counsellor, Consultant and Trainer, Parent Educator, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Brain geek and Play and Creativity Advocate.

Tony Vallance

Secondary School Teacher, Australian Education Awards Teacher of the Year 2019, Victorian Excellence in Education Awards Finalist 2018, Drumbeat and Mindfulness Facilitator, STEAMWORKS Founder, Leadership team – curriculum development and STEAM, Teacher trainer, Certified Classroom Educator for Positive Discipline.

Join the 2-hour workshop for only $127 per person

(+ GST)